Supermodel Bonnie Gervais is Upset With Meta for Verified Blue Checks to Anyone

Supermodel Bonnie Janina Mueller-Gervais is on a tear today via social media, like most authentic verified models who worked extremely hard for their blue check, not only for business purposes but also to find a sustainable, wealthy partner.

Gervais is extremely disappointed as the fans who follow her can now DM her like a normal text message for $15 a month. To some, it might be catfish creepy, but to Meta, it’s another stolen idea that will make them billions in revenue.

Bonnie Gervais

The question remains- will there be a mass exodus from celebrities on Instagram? FACTZ’s money is on NO.

Irina verfied

Congrats to Irina Troychanskaya on your blue check. You deserve to be loved too!


  • Bonnie is right. Why hurt small businesses who live off their ability to DM influencers?

  • Just another beautiful woman bullying ugly women because they are paying to get verified. I am sorry Bonnie but not all of us can he born looking like you where the world gifts us everything we want.

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