Lisa Hochstein Plans to Throw Rival Halloween Event in Miami to “Crush” the Hochstein Halloween Ball

FACTZ has learned that Lisa Hochstein has been in full damage control mode after her LIFETIME ban from the Hochstein Halloween Ball. For those who do not know, the HHB is a yearly Halloween event on Star Island that dominates the Miami Beach scene. Only the hottest of the half-naked hot are allowed to attend. They even have world-famous DJ Purple spinning.

Lisa Hochstien Gets Lifetime Ban from Her Legendary Halloween Party

Regardless, now that Lisa and Lenny are no longer an item, this will be the first year after 14 parties that Lisa will be blacklisted, and a new crew of young models will not be in the rotation.

FACTZ has learned exclusively that Lisa Hochstein is planning her own gig to “empty out and crush the Ball,” we are told there is something big in the works, and FACTZ will be the first to know once the event becomes public.

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