FACTZ Exclusive Security Footage Proves Bravo’s RHOM Lisa Hochstein Has Been Untruthful – Timestamp of the Magician Jody Glidden Coming into the Hochstein Mansion at 2:30 AM While Children Were Home

FACTZ has just received security footage to justify our statements regarding Lisa Hochstein.

This is bad.

As you can see, a glazed Lisa Hochstein brings a creepy-looking Jody Glidden back to the Hochstein Mansion. Let the record show September 4, 2022, at 2:27 AM.

Lisa Hochstein Tells FACTZ – “I Did NOT Leak the Video”

Lisa has been very public and adamant about her refusal to bring men back (like an Angel). But FACTZ can confirm via the timestamp that both children were home at the time of entrance.

Instagram Shows a Pre-Dated Consummation Between Lisa Hochstein and the Magician

FACTZ can also confirm that another man named Scott Harris has also been seen romping at the Mansion. We are working on those details to help save the Magician’s life.

This story is developing.

Lisa Hochstein and Jody Glidden Are Not a New Couple – They Have Been Together for Months


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