King Charles III Finally Gets the Throne – That He Never Really Wanted

When you’re in your 70s, you probably expect that what you’ve been doing with life is how it’s going to continue until the end.

Especially when your job is an inherited one and your mom has been kicking for decades. She’s approaching 100 and still hearty and hale. You assume you’re in for a long cushy retirement, right?

Not so for King Charles III.

He was once just the Prince and heir apparent, a 73-year-old royal with a life of privilege and no small amount of controversy. Now, he’s got the weight of the British Empire on his aged shoulders.

When Queen Elizabeth II died, Charles was quickly installed as King to avoid a gap in leadership and prevent chaos.

Unfortunately for Charles, it seems like he never really wanted the job. All you have to do is take a look at Charles on the throne to see he’s a man who’s a little gobsmacked by the whole thing. Sure, he’s grieving his mom – but there’s more to it.

England is in a perilous time, where the royal family is as out of disfavor as it’s always been. Progressive elements in the government and population are pushing to defund the monarchy and push them out of power, so the person succeeding Queen Elizabeth – King Charles, in this case – is going to have to grapple with the tide of sentiment turned against them.

In a modern society fraught with diplomacy concerns and domestic affairs, King Charles suddenly finds himself forced to face all the issues he could previously opt-out of.

Being planted on the throne in your 70’s doesn’t seem as fun as it would in, say, your 30’s – but like it or not, King Charles is now the head honcho.


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