Katie Piper’s Acid Attacker is On the Run from Police

TV presenter, charity CEO, and author Katie Piper lived a normal (albeit high-profile) life in 2008 when her world would change forever.

Stefan Sylvestre threw acid on her face in a brutal attack on behalf of Piper’s abusive ex-partner Daniel Lynch, leaving her in agony and with significant facial scarring – but alive. Lynch was given a life sentence in 2009 for orchestrating the attack and sexually assaulting Piper.

Sylvestre was given a life sentence in 2009 but was released on license in 2018. When he was released, the Parole Board said he “displayed empathy for the victim and expressed remorse and shame for his actions.” In other words, he had them completely fooled.

He has been recalled to prison, but police say they can’t find him.

Probation Service says they’re working hard to find him, adding, “We are urgently working with the police to bring the offender back to prison, where he’ll face longer behind bars.”‘

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