FAKE BLUE: Nicky Gathrite Surpasses Every A-List Celebrity With 14.4 million Followers on TikTok

Congratulations are in order for the unlicensed Unruly Agency CEO, Nicky Gathrite.

Gathrite has now surpassed the likes of Elton John (2.2M), The Weeknd (5.8M), and the infamous Kanye West, better known as Ye (1.4M) on TikTok. Yes, all these guys combined don’t even add up to the impressive results Gathrite has amassed.

What makes this feat even more spectacular … he doesn’t even share videos publicly. What a legend, a massive following without content.

FACTZ spoke with the team that the Unruly Agency hired to buy fake verification blue checkmarks for Instagram. They laughed, stating, “Nicky [Gatherite] botted them [followers]. He bought a pre-verified page [account] and switched out the username.”

They also said the going rate for TikTok verification is dirt cheap, “like $2500 that’s the value of getting verified on TikTok.

This sucks … we wanted Nicky Gathrite to be a real celebrity!


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