A Rags to Riches Story – How Nicky Gathrite Went from OC Eviction to OnlyFans Loophole Millionaire

Nicky Gathrite, the CEO of Unruly Agency, didn’t always have the Lambo life. According to court records, in 2019, Gathrite was evicted in Irvine, California (the OC).

However, to his credit, he cracked the OnlyFans code with his partner Tara Electra, whose real name is Tara Niknejad, to sign exclusivity deals with half-naked social media influencers, eventually getting them to do soft porn for OnlyFans.

According to our source, “The women were introduced to Nicky [Gathrite] through Jay Richardson of Live Rich Media, and he would get a commission off the women he would help sign to Unruly. The crazy part was that the contracts forced the women to plug Unruly Agency on social media to lure and groom more women.”

Unruly Agency has been under fire lately from clients willing to take a stand against their business practices, as some claim the Agency acted as the talent, communicating with lonely men in a hypersexual manner trying to grab money. These men were duped into thinking they had genuine relationships with these women.

Regardless, according to paid contributor articles and Unruly’s relationship with David Weintraub, they have been able to keep their storefront going. A paid Forbes article stated, “Unruly is a modernized production studio and platform for creators repped by the organization to become a brand, rather than simply be sponsored by one. With Unruly being composed of 90% female employees and 99% female models, Electra and Gathrite work tirelessly to shape industry norms for female empowerment of social media influencers.”

Yes, “female empowerment.” That’s their justification. This is a movement.

Whether you like Nicky Gathrite or not, he went from zero to porn mogul hero within three years and made enough money to pay for his Instagram blue check (since removed).

Story developing as we look into talent tax records. Allegedly millions are being made through OF … Uncle Sam must be winning. FACTZ contacted Unruly Agency for comment, but we were immediately blocked.


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