FACTZ Hits the Two Month Mark – 1 million Organic Users

With FACTZ comes my dedication to transparency. My risky strategy to stay off social media platforms with our brand seems to be working. The direct base is our target. I appreciate everyone who is hooked on FACTZ … especially the 68% female base.

I’m seeing other media sites going all in on Instagram, Snap, TikTok, YouTube, etc. This makes no logical sense to me other than giving away your content so that other social media platforms can monetize from your hard work.

I think there is a shift back to reality. Gen Z is mad! They are quiet killers … you have no idea how upset they are with EVERYONE- news, social media, politics, fashion, streaming services … you name it. They feel ripped off and betrayed.

How do I know? I’m studying them daily to help the future of my children. FACTZ has and will continue to do focus groups with Gen Z to build trust and authentic dialogue. To create a foundation and future for the KIDZ!

In my mind, FACTZ will be the first “social news media” platform with an actual code of honor:


We have so many incredible developments in the works for V2. However, I’m doing the old-school Zuck … give the people what they want, and they will shower you with their love!

RISE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2023 will be the second coming of our family.


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