Emily Ratajkowski Interviews Julia Fox on ‘High Low’: ‘Sexism … Is Really Bad for Guys’

On Emily Ratajkowski’s new episode of her podcast, “High Low,” she interviewed Julia Fox (Hollywood “it” girl, actress – and Kanye West’s ex), who, in a viral TikTok clip, addresses the book by Bell Hooks, “The Will to Change Men, Masculinity and Love.”

She points out that the book’s premise is that sexism is bad for everyone, including men. Fox added, “It’s crazy, they’re living with their parents way longer, they don’t have close relationships, the suicide rate is up… Obviously, sexism is terrible for women … but also it’s really bad for guys.”

Fox says that as a mom to a son, the whole thing makes her sad and scared. She adds, “some part of me feels empathetic.”

Ratajkowski agrees, responding, “Absolutely. How can you not? At the end of the day, we’re all just people. I say I hate men, but that’s not true. I don’t actually hate men, I hate the patriarchy, and I hate what it’s done to men. But obviously, there are really amazing, wonderful men out there. I’ve just yet to meet one, that’s all.”

Fox laughs and says, “That’s how I feel too.”

To catch the entire episode, watch below:


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