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Fire at a Migrant Detention Facility on US/Mexico Border Kills at Least 39 People

A massive fire overtook a migrant detention facility on the border between the US and Mexico, leading to a number of fatalities. So far at least 39 people have died from the blaze, with dozens more injured. Local media reports Read More…


BREAKING: Thousands of Migrants Stampede the El Paso, Texas, Border to Enter America from Juarez, Mexico

FACTZ has confirmed thousands of migrants in Mexico have attempted to stampede a port of entry in El Paso, Texas. We have received videos from our source who stated, “It’s pure mayhem on the Mexico side of Paso Del Norte Read More…

El Paso, Texas Looks Like Shit, They Need Some of that Ukraine Money

This is El Paso, Texas, on New Year’s day. Yes, that street is a new home for thousands of immigrants searching for the American dream. Biden, we have a problem and it’s no longer Houston.