Boxing Sensation Ryan Garcia Takes a Stand Against Retail Giant Target, Sparks Controversy with Bible Reference

Ryan Garcia, the rising star in the world of boxing, has made waves on social media by taking a firm stand against Target. In a tweet that garnered over 600,000 views and shared on his Instagram story with over 10 million followers, Garcia quoted a Bible verse, Matthew 8:16, highlighting the importance of protecting children from harm.

Garcia’s growing influence and popularity as the #4 lightweight boxer in the world, a former WBC interim lightweight champion, and a 15-time amateur national champion from the United States. Known for his boxing prowess, Garcia has also become more outspoken about his Christian faith, even choosing Christian worship music as his walk-out song in his recent fight with Gervonta Davis.

Garcia’s tweet sparked a mix of reactions on Twitter, with many users showing support for his defense of children from grooming and indoctrination. However, others expressed outrage at his pushback against what they perceived as the radical LGBTQ+ agenda.

It highlights how conservatives are seeking ways to boycott Target and divert their spending from what they consider “woke” corporations. Garcia’s outspoken stance against online bullying aligns with this sentiment, prompting discussions about the power of consumer influence and the role of individuals in shaping societal norms.