50 Cent Wants Kanye to Shut ‘The Fuck Up’

While Kanye West’s return to Instagram included re-sharing a joke about 50 Cent, his fellow rapper doesn’t appear to be in a joking mood anymore.

When West made it back on IG, he posted jokingly, “Ye has reportedly cut ties with Kanye West.”

50 Cent jokingly made his own post which read, “Curtis Jackson has reportedly cut ties with 50 Cent.” West then shared Fifty’s post, and they both seemed in on the joke.

Then things got dark as a report came out that West had long admired Hitler.

When Fifty found out, he shared a screenshot of CNN’s article about West’s Hitler worship and captioned it, “I have never seen anything like this before. I think Kanye should buy the car he likes the best and just ride off into the sunset. It’s really a wrap. People are really hurt by this shit. I have seen people in this position because of things they have done, not things they have said. Now you gotta master the art of shutting the fuck up.”

He added, “you gonna make everybody hot. Go cool off!”

Maybe Ye will listen? Usually, stuff like this triggers him and has the opposite effect.

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