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Instagram is Ending NFT Features

Meta announced this week that they will be sunsetting digital collectibles (NFTs) on Instagram. Related features across the platform will be disabled. Commerce & FinTech lead at Meta, Stephane Kasriel, posted about the company’s plans on Monday, writing, “Some product Read More…


Meta May Soon Block News on Facebook and Instagram

Canadians may soon no longer be able to access news through Facebook or Instagram, if a new bill passes. The Online News Act, being considered in the Canadian legislature, would place Meta in an untenable position, according to Meta spokesperson Read More…


Behind-the-Scenes Look at Magui Corceiro’s Perfect Influencer Pics

A fan page for Magui Corceiro has offered a behind-the-scenes look at how the actress/model gets the perfect influencer pics. While some say it exposes her, FACTZ believes this is the hardship you have to face to get the perfect Read More…


Selena Gomez Is Officially the Mosted Followed Female on Instagram

The Mean Girls (Hailey Bieber, Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner) plan has backfired. Selena Gomez is back on IG, and her follower count is 393 million. She is now the most followed female on Instagram; she just passed Kylie Jenner on Read More…


The Analysis of Kylie Jenner’s Instagram – Here Are the FACTZ

Kylie Jenner’s Instagram has hit the skids, with the beauty influencer losing millions of followers and now being accused of buying fake followers (bots) just to stop the bleeding. This is all because she attacked Selena Gomez’s eyebrows. People don’t Read More…


Facebook to Charge $12 a Month for Verified Blue Checks

If people were mad at Twitter for charging $8 a month to be verified, wait until they catch wind of Meta’s new plan. Instagram and Facebook are testing selling verified check marks – for $12 a month. The new “Meta Read More…


Instagram Looks to be Considering a Paid Verification System like Twitter

When Twitter launched a new paid verification system under CEO Elon Musk, other companies openly scoffed. But quietly, they felt like idiots – for not thinking of it first. And now, it looks like Meta may be considering paid verification Read More…


FACTZ Poll: Donald J. Trump Gets his Meta Socials Back, is this Good for Society?

Yesterday the MAGA defenders rejoiced in the streets as their supreme leader, number 45, Donald J. Trump, was granted his Facebook and Instagram back after two years. Seems a little strange, but the timing is perfect for Trump. He will Read More…


Kyle Jenner’s Sister Kim Kardashian Sets Her Up for Brutal @FACETUNE Attack

Kylie Jenner posted a picture, and the popular Instagram account ‘Comments by Celebs’ reposted Jenner’s modeling image on the grassy knoll with her sister Kim Kardashian’s comment. Kardashian wasn’t happy that her clothing brand #SKIMS wasn’t tagged in the image Read More…


The Verified Blue Checkmark for Instagram Still Holds Value in 2023

Last year FACTZ exposed the blue checkmark verification scam. And currently, you can still buy a blue tic for a price of $25,000 up to $150,000. Meta did a week-long crackdown but then gave up the search on the main Read More…