What About the Drones, Joe? A FACTZ Test of Community Safety in Las Vegas

During Las Vegas’ Life is Beautiful music festival last month, the FACTZ Black Ops team launched 200 unmanned aerial vehicles into the night sky over Sin City. While this drone show was meant to be a harmless display of good fun—something far more alarming came of the scenario.

For hours that Friday leading into the drone display, FACTZ set up the devices in a lot adjacent to the festival. Not once did Las Vegas Metro Police, helmed by Nevada Governor candidate Joe Lombardo, raise any concern over what was going on in full public display. Imagine now if something more nefarious was taking place and those who are there to protect and serve the people of Las Vegas didn’t notice something so obvious as 200 drones. 

FACTZ asks where were all the law enforcement on that day—presuming Downtown Las Vegas was flooded with officers since Route 91 Harvest murderer Stephen Paddock had originally scouted Life is Beautiful in 2017 to act out his still motiveless massacre.

Given five years of preventable tragedies, Las Vegas Metro needs to step up its measures, and that directly correlates to the man running the show, Joe Lombardo. He seems far more interested in riding the coattails of Donald J. Trump and the radicalized Republican party than actually doing his job.

Imagine what the whole state of Nevada would look like if Joe had his way … BJ Baldwin’s Instagram, unhinged.

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  • If you think about it FACTZ proved nothing has changed. People going to these concerts and festivals in Vegas are still risking death.

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