Weed Was Illegal in Toronto 4 Years Ago, but Now Uber Eats Will Bring It Right to You

What a difference four years makes.

Just four years ago, you could get arrested for marijuana in Toronto.

But now, you can dial up Uber Eats and have them deliver it right to your door starting today.

Uber Technologies announced a partnership with online marijuana marketplace Leafly over the weekend that will have it process pot orders for Hidden Leaf Cannabis, Minerva Cannabis and Shivaa’s Rose.

Consumers over 19 can place orders through the Uber Eats app, which connects with Leafly’s software. The retailers will then send staff certified under Ontario’s cannabis retail education program CannSell, to drop off purchases to shoppers. Age and sobriety will be verified on delivery.

It’s the first time that Uber has started delivering marijuana anywhere in the world. In Tokyo, Uber Eats users have already been able to order cannabis for pickup but not delivery.

Lola Kassim, Uber Eats Canada’s GM told CBC Toronto, “First and foremost, we see this as a critical piece to helping discourage impaired driving, and secondly, this is just another initiative that can help combat the illegal cannabis market, which still makes up more than 40 percent of cannabis sales in Ontario today.”

She added, “So, we’re providing an option that goes beyond in-store, that goes beyond pickup and it’s also an option for consumers on a platform like Uber Eats, which many Torontonians already know and love and also is built on, you know, trust and safety.”

Because of regulations, those dropping off the pot have to be specific staff, so you won’t be able to deliver tacos and a blunt in one go.


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