Vince McMahon Makes Rare Outing Having Dinner with a Mystery Woman

Since his rough exit from the WWE, Vince McMahon has been trying to keep a low profile, but the former WWE chairman is starting to let loose.

The disgraced former wrestling executive/promoter was seen with a mystery woman in NYC Saturday night. We are unsure if this is the same girl he was seen exiting his 77th birthday party with. However, sources tell FACTZ he was seen hanging with this mystery woman girl last week and seemed to be in a relationship.

The billionaire, on paper, is still married to political socialite Linda McMahon who he has been with since 1966. Earlier this year, McMahon stepped down from his WWE role after it was reported he paid more than $12 million to four women to cover up “allegations of sexual misconduct and infidelity,” according to a Wall Street Journal report.

Sources tell FACTZ, “Vince McMahon has been pretty open that he is no longer with Linda McMahon.”

The McMahon family has been very quiet about the situation by only doing interviews that don’t bring up the ordeal. WWE superstars are trained to dance around the questions in interviews without addressing them. So this ducking must be a professional move.

At his recent 77th birthday party attended by many WWE stars, McMahon walked around with a random female which whom he was photographed, looking as if they had been together romantically.

Since his exit from the WWE, McMahon’s daughter Stephanie has become CEO of the company, and his son-in-law Triple H has become in charge of the creative. Congrats on the new love, Mr. McMahon.

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