VIDEO: Inflation Could Make Black Friday Deals on Appliances Less Appealing

If you need to purchase a big appliance for your house (and it’s not an emergency), chances are good you’re keeping an eye on sales.

And few sales in the year are as big as Black Friday and the days or weeks of deals big retailers offer around the shopping holiday.

But this year, with inflation at record highs, those shopping for appliances could still be left a little slack-jawed with shock after seeing how much everything costs – deals notwithstanding.

Last year, big appliance deals were almost nonexistent due to supply chain issues; unfortunately, shoppers may find the same situation this year.

While supply issues are mostly ironed out, which could lead to deep 40% discounts for Black Friday, inflation has prices up around 20% for the same appliances – so the “big deals” may not be very impressive.

It may look good compared to non-promotional prices this year, but it’s disappointing to people who have been holding their breath for two years to replace that failing appliance – and it’s hard to say when things could improve. While it’s a bummer, the good news is that prices should still be better than they have been since the middle of 2020 – so it’s still not a terrible landscape, just not as good as many hoped.

On the plus side, fashion could see great discounts – so keep your eye out for good clothing deals this year.

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