Verified Twitter Accounts Spread Misinformation About Impending Nuclear Strike, Sowing Chaos

Multiple verified Twitter accounts and a YouTube channel spread misinformation about nuclear threats online this week, saying that Russian military jets are being armed with nuclear payloads aimed at Ukraine’s capital city of Kiev.

Misinformation online is nothing new, but it highlights what critics have long panned as the problem with Elon Musk’s plan to sell verified marks on his social media platform.

Because now, all you need to be verified is a few bucks – and you can seem far more reputable than you might be in reality.

The same verified accounts also spread a rumor that Russia was preparing for a nuclear response hours after two drones exploded over the Kremlin and Russia pointed the finger at Ukraine and the US.

Nuclear tensions are high around the world right now and although there is valid criticism to be made about mainstream media, it’s important to make sure you get news from trusted and verifiable sources, now more than ever.

And beware the verified marks on Twitter.