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Twitter Could Owe Billions in Fines After Letting Minors See Porn - Factz


Twitter Could Owe Billions in Fines After Letting Minors See Porn

Twitter’s executives are currently laser-focused on a court battle to try to force Elon Musk to honor his agreement to purchase the company for $44B.

But an internal study found that the company failed to implement adequate controls to keep underage users from accessing and uploading pornography through their platform. In addition, the study found that Twitter is also unable to detect banned content which includes child pornography, revenge porn and non-consensual images such as “upskirt” photos once uploaded to the site.

FTC regulators haven’t publicly responded to the release of the study, but NY Post reports that former FTC officials explain Twitter could find itself in deep water for violating a consent decree they signed in 2011 which requires that Twitter “shall not misrepresent” the extent to which it protects the security and privacy of users.

And failing to protect kids from porn, then hiding that fact, could definitely qualify as a breach of the decree.

Twitter is the only major social media platform to allow porn, but the age requirement to join the site is only set at 13.

This means they have fast-tracked a system where minor users can come face-to-face with pornography with just a few clicks.

Like all social media platforms under the microscope in recent years for the way they impact the mental health of youths using their sites, Twitter now has to explain why they’ve failed to take the necessary steps to protect children – and what they plan to do about it in the future.

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6 months ago

Some of the content that they allow belongs on pornhub. Please let me scroll thru my Twitter feed and all of a sudden see X-rated content… said nobody ever.

Mike Tyson
Mike Tyson
6 months ago
Reply to  Nightowl

Twitter is crazy. I see dead babies on it all the time. Elon is nuts for wanting to buy it.