Tucker Carlson Hires All His Old FOX News Co-Workers to Join Him at Twitter

With the news that Tucker Carlson is coming to Twitter, he is already bringing back his old team. FACTZ has learned that Tucker reached out to his colleagues about ten days ago, saying he would hire them with more money. All the staffers left FOX last week, giving their notice, but FOX didn’t want to cover the story that Tucker found a new home.

“People generally like working for Tucker. He treated everyone well and included them in some of the cooler experiences,” says our source.

Tucker Carlson Releases Video Statement – His New Show Will Be on Twitter

As of now, Carlson will continue shooting his show from Florida and Maine, but no word if he will continue to front the costs of flying guests in like he has done in the past.

“Once they figure out how to monetize the show more, I think there is a lot they can do here,” the source tells FACTZ.

Twitter was acquired by Elon Musk, who has a personal relationship with Carlson. Many are speculating that Musk may be financially backing the show. Carlson has praised Twitter, saying it was now the only platform that allows free speech.

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  • Funny I read Elon says they haven’t signed anything yet… Tucker and Musk in regards to a Twitter deal.. so which is it, Factz???

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