Trump’s Popularity Nosedives by 20 Points According to New Poll

For about six years, former President Donald Trump has sat high atop the Republican party with unassailable popularity among voters.

It seemed as though no matter what he did (grab a woman by the unmentionables, buddy up to Russia, etc.), he stayed popular among his base voters.

But as legal woes mount and the former prez faces foes on all sides, his popularity is plummeting.

A new poll between ABC News and The Washington Post shows (conducted by Langer Research Associates) that his popularity has dropped a whopping 20 points among Republican voters since the raid on Mar-a-Lago and the new lawsuit against Trump by the state of New York.

This low in popularity is compared to the high he enjoyed in 2020.

When asked about the prospect of Trump becoming president again, 47 percent of Republican and conservative-leaning independent poll respondents said they support Trump as the prospective party nominee in 2024, while 46 percent oppose the idea.

And in another frustrating blow to the former President, Joe Biden has pulled ahead in a hypothetical match-up among likely voters for 2024 at 48-46.

But there’s nothing Trump enjoys so much as being underestimated and having someone to rail against, so this polling could well work in his favor.


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