Trump: Fmr Prez George HW Bush Kept Secret Documents in a Bowling Alley/Chinese Restaurant

Donald Trump’s attempt to deflect blame from his handling of documents at Mar-a-Lago just got weird…er.

Trump now claims that former President George H.W. Bush – who died in 2018 – kept secret government documents in a combo bowling alley/Chinese restaurant.

The newest wild claims come as Trump speaks before a packed audience in Arizona to support gubernatorial candidate Kari Lake.

It’s part of Trump’s attempt to defend his handling of documents by accusing past Presidents – many of them Republicans – of mishandling documents.

According to Trump, Bush Sr took “millions and millions of documents” to a former bowling alley “pieced together with what was then an old and broken Chinese restaurant. They put them together. And it had a broken front door and broken windows. Other than that, it was quite secure.”

Trump asked why no one was investigating and prosecuting Bush. Bush, who’s been dead since 2018. That’s probably an easy answer, honestly, because he’s dead.

As with most things Trump, what he accuses others of is most likely something he’s done – so if there are still documents missing, the FBI should probably BOLO for a bowling alley, sorry – Chinese restaurant – with broken windows and a broken front door.

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