TMZ Masterclass in Progress – Media Site is Now Teaching Randoms How to Post on YouTube

This is an awkward pivot for TMZ.

The media website that has switched its focus to the Urban market is now trying to sell them how to post on YouTube. It makes zero sense since TMZ is not a master of YouTube, but they have an audience, so why not convince them to believe the brand is greater than the product- the #PlayBoy model?

Anyway, if you want to learn how to be a YouTube master, please pay Harvey Levin.


  • TMZ sucks now. All they do is race-bate the black community or clickbait dead people. FACTZ is my new home what you guys are building saves me hours in my day and I’m getting more shit done, not wasting my time surfing for shit. Thank you and as a white man I can tell you TMZ is not my jam anymore. I don’t care about rappers still being alive. Give me a break.

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