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TikTok Eyeing Amazon's Throne, Planning US Fulfillment Centers While They Poach Staff - Factz


TikTok Eyeing Amazon’s Throne, Planning US Fulfillment Centers While They Poach Staff

Could you soon order merchandise from TikTok and have it fulfilled the same way as Amazon?

Yes, you could.

TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, has posted a series of job listings for Amazon-fulfillment centers that the company is building in its first move into the world of eCommerce.

The job listings are looking to create a staff capable of warehousing, delivering and processing returns – which sounds an awful lot like Amazon.

The China-based company is looking for staff in Los Angeles and Seattle, and in the past, they’ve poached staff from Amazon as well as Meta.

Puget Sound Business Journal reviewed LinkedIn profiles and found that “over 170 people work for TikTok or ByteDance in the Seattle area, according to LinkedIn profiles. Of those, over half came from Amazon, Microsoft or Facebook’s parent company, Meta.”

ByteDance, for their part, is playing dumb, saying in a statement, “We’re focused on providing a valuable shopping experience in countries where TikTok Shop is currently offered across Southeast Asia and the UK, which includes providing merchants with a range of product features and delivery options.”

They aren’t talking about a US expansion – but the writing is on the job listings wall.

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