The Fecility Ace Sank Bringing $400M in Rare Cars Down With it – and Electric Vehicles May be to Blame

In March, a vast cargo ship called the Felicity Ace sank in the Atlantic.

All 22 crew evacuated the ship safely, but the Felicity Ace was bound for the sea floor.

It brought down $400M worth of exotic supercars, over 4,000 Porsches, Lamborghinis, Volkswagens, and more.

And it went down for one reason: lithium-ion batteries.

The ship burned for nearly two weeks before listing in lousy weather and ultimately going under.

The fire was caused by the presence of lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles on board, and such batteries burn hot for a long time, making attempts to extinguish flames futile.

The Felicity Ace’s sinking is a reminder of how the environmental impact of electric vehicles isn’t actually “net zero;” they come with their own ecological price.

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