The Biden Administration is Being Sued for Censoring Speech

While the Left constantly makes noise about the Right violating people’s rights, the Biden Administration may want to see the skeletons in their closet.

A lawsuit filed by state attorneys general alleges that over 50 government officials across 13 agencies “threatened, cajoled and colluded” with social media companies to silence online speech over topics the Biden administration disliked.

According to the lawsuit, those topics included election integrity, the origins of the novel coronavirus, and COVID-19 restrictions.

The collusion with Big Tech, the lawsuit explains, expanded on FBI efforts during the 2020 election to block social media posts that include damning information about Hunter Biden’s laptop.

In a massive legal filing, multiple attorneys general detailed a huge “censorship enterprise” within the White House intended to pressure tech giants like Facebook, Google, Twitter and more to “suppress private speech that federal officials disfavor.”

It’s the newest volley in a war between conservatives and what they consider collusion between Big Tech and the Left.


  • Another frivolous lawsuit irresponsibly filed by butt hurt snowflake red states! This lawsuit will be tossed faster than any of Trump’s phony rigged election lawsuits! BTW, Everyone enjoy the Jan. 6th Committee hearings tomorrow!

  • If the mid terms give the Republicans a majority we are going to see lots of interesting things to do with Fauci being exposed and connect to the he Wuhan lab and finally Hunters laptop and the connections the Bidens have with Ukrainian.

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