The $6B-Valued New York Yankees Makes Players Pay $9 Out of Pocket for In-Flight Wi-Fi

There’s cheap, and then there’s cheap.

And the New York Yankees are apparently the latter.

The Yankees are the most valuable franchise in Major League Baseball, worth a reported $6 billion.

And yet, the team does not cover in-flight Wi-Fi for players traveling to games.

A new report from Sports Illustrated reveals that they expect the players to front the $9-per-person cost.

Sports reporters across the industry are cackling over the juxtaposition of the $360M contract the Yankees just signed for Aaron Judge, but then bulk at $40K for player connection.

General manager Brian Cashman had very little sympathy, saying, “I think most of our players can afford it.”

But of course it’s not the money – it’s the principle. Just like Zack Greinke and his legendary beef with guacamole.

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