Taylor Swift to Attend Kansas City Chiefs Game at MetLife Stadium Amid Rumored Relationship with Travis Kelce

Taylor Swift is set to make another appearance at a Kansas City Chiefs game, this time at MetLife Stadium as they face the Jets on Sunday night, as reported by multiple sources.

Last Sunday, Swift was spotted in a suite at Arrowhead Stadium when the Chiefs triumphed over the Bears with a score of 41-10 in Kansas City.

Recent weeks have seen Swift and Travis Kelce, the Chiefs’ tight end, making headlines due to their rumored relationship becoming public knowledge.

Following Swift’s attendance at the Chiefs game, Kelce expressed his gratitude for her public support during an episode of his “New Heights” podcast, which he co-hosts with his brother, Eagles center Jason Kelce.

Kelce said, “Shoutout to Taylor for pulling up,” adding that he found her presence “pretty ballsy.” He went on to praise Swift for the positive impression she made on everyone in the suite, mentioning that she looked amazing, and how the day turned out to be perfect for the Chiefs.

During the game, Kelce made his second touchdown reception of the year, prompting an excited Swift, who was seen mouthing, “Let’s f–king go!” As Kelce described it, the game and Swift’s presence made for a memorable experience.

Yes, put money on the Chiefs.