Taylor Swift Tickets Reselling for As Much As $28,000 After Ticketmaster Crash (Again)

Ticketmaster made a royal botch of ticket sales for a popular artist. Again.

This time, they messed with Taylor Swift’s rabid fans.

Millions of fans swarmed the Ticketmaster site, causing it to crash multiple times.

Taking advantage of outrageous demand, resellers are looking to charge up to $28,350 per ticket for her US stadium tour on sites like StubHub.

Fans rushed to the site for a second day, hoping to grab tickets, and fewer problems surfaced this time.

But it was still a massive (intentional?) botch and another reminder that the Ticketmaster monopoly is bad for artists and fans alike.

Ticketmaster blamed “unprecedented demand,” but if there’s anyone awake in their offices and/or under the age of 50, they had a good idea of what was coming and just chose not to prepare.

Could it be to drive ticket prices and demand up further?

I wouldn’t say that’s the reason. But it’s definitely the reason.

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