Sorority Wars: Delta Gamma of the University of California Riverside

This is how desperate we are to beat the undefeated, 5-time champ, UCLA – we are evaluating UCR (Riverside).

Make sure you vote for your favorite. I will be scaling on a ten-point system- ten being the best score you can achieve. My track record on the internet says I’m not the most affable judge. Just warning you where the tears from your heart are coming from. I’m not sure yet what FACTZ will give the winner, but let’s keep it rolling.

School: University of California Riverside

Sorority: Delta Gamma

Choreography: 2.66628

Blonde Ratio: 0.11121

Flips: 0.0000

Aesthetics: 4.11178

Anchor Dancer (leading center): 2.55242

Overall: 4.00001

Final thoughts by Nik: The problem with Riverside is that the blondes are endangered species unless they have tattoo sleeves. As you can see, these DG’s are educated brunettes. Riverside is known as the backup UC school that nobody wants to go to. Like Dartmouth in the IVY league. Anyway, this isn’t going to beat UCLA. I like the effort with the sunglasses at night, but I’m disheartened by the lack of effort every campus puts into these performances.

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