Sorority Dance Wars: Alpha Phi at Iowa University

UCLA has won four in a row with a 100% blowout win versus LSU.

Make sure you vote for your favorite. I will be scaling on a ten-point system- ten being the best score you can achieve. My track record on the internet says I’m not the most affable judge. Just warning you where the tears from your heart are coming from. I’m not sure yet what FACTZ will give the winner, but let’s keep it rolling.

School: Iowa University

Sorority: Alpha Phi

Choreography: 2.11928

Blonde Ratio: 6.26422

Flips: 3.22718

Aesthetics: 6.00001

Anchor Dancer (leading center): 2.88726

Overall: 5.88927

Final thoughts by Nik: We are getting warmer. Finally some flips and hidden blondes in the back row. The anchor flip failed, but the cutaway was crucial for recruitment purposes. I am putting into perspective that there are no vegans in Iowa, so I am proud of them.

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