Senator Rand Paul Skips Scheduled Debate with Challenger Charles Booker

Today marks exactly five weeks until voters in Kentucky decide whether they want another term for Senator Rand Paul or want to try something new and vote for Democrat Charles Booker.

But one element in the big choice is missing: a debate.

On Monday, there was supposed to be a scheduled debate between Paul and Booker, but KET’s Kentucky Tonight, hosts of the evening, say Paul never responded to their invitation.

That gave Booker the chance to take the stage alone – calling Paul’s choice not to show “disrespectful” to voters.

Booker explained, “It’s an affront to the democratic process. If you are running for office, you should make your case about why you believe your vision best suits the people. That’s what I’m doing. That’s what we’re doing across the Commonwealth. That’s why we’re organizing. That’s why I’m here tonight. He should be here too. He’s not entitled to this Senate seat. It doesn’t belong to him. It belongs to the people of Kentucky.”

No other debate date has been announced, so without a last-minute scramble to organize something, voters will likely not see the two square off publicly.

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