‘Scrubs’ Writer and Hollywood Producer Eric Weinberg Charged with 18 Counts of Sexual Assault

Once upon a time, 62-year-old Eric Weinberg was best known as the writer who kept the world laughing through medical comedy “Scrubs.”

As a writer, he was witty and poignant.

As a human, he was a piece of shit.

Multiple women have come forward to accuse Weinberg of sexual assault, going back decades.

Police knew he was a sleazebag, but the District Attorney had previously refused to bring charges against him.

Weinberg’s sexual misconduct goes back decades and involves minors; he reportedly used his fame and status to “lure” wannabe girls and women into his home.

Women described how Weinberg used photography to get close, sometimes listing his Hollywood credits like some sexual job application, to gain their trust.

He would then pressure them to disrobe during photo shoots, and many say he sexually assaulted them without their consent, often photographing the events as they occurred.

Weinberg is currently out on $5M bail.


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