Ron DeSantis Coasts to Re-Election, Now All Eyes Are on 2024

Last night was a good night to be Ron DeSantis.

He had a landslide victory against former Florida Governor Charlie Crist, and Republicans across the state handed him a solid majority in the legislature.

And the news couldn’t be worse for Trump, whose night was not as impressive.

DeSantis has been mum on whether or not he plans to run in 2024, but last night’s win set up a strong case for him to do just that.

When DeSantis’s victory was announced at his election headquarters, supporters chanted, “2 more years!” suggesting that they wanted him to step up from governor to President 2 years into his term.

All year, strategists have wondered whether or not Trump was the necessary candidate for 2024, but DeSantis proved that he could take the big wins the Republicans need.