Richie Akiva Owes $1.8 Million in Back Rent, 1-Oak Nightclub Officially Evicted

The 1-Oak Nightclub, located in the Meatpacking District on West 17th St., is no longer returning. Richie Akiva was unaware they were not paying the rent, $72,000 a month.

Now Akiva and his famed Nightclub have been officially evicted from the property for skipping out on an accumulated rent of $1.8M.

Records do show Akiva’s company, 17th Street Ent. LLC received $1.52M in PPP loans, but they cannot access the funds because of legal partnership disputes- all assets are frozen.

This is just another loss for the hospitality giant, who has been very unlucky since his NYE St. Barth’s hook-up with Dani Epstein. Gross.


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