Reservation Issue by Club Promoters at Carbone Restaurant – FACTZ Speaks Directly with Chef Mario Carbone

Restaurant hot spot Carbone is having some issues as club promoters have gotten involved in the reservation process, and the restaurant can’t figure out how.

Carbone is the hottest restaurant in every area where they are located, from New York City to Miami, and getting a reservation is insanely difficult. If you want to eat at 5 pm, you may have some luck, but getting a reservation at 8 pm is more of “who do you know” to get that time for a reservation.

Club promoters now offer their clients reservations but with a fee. The restaurant is trying to find out how to stop this, but can’t figure out how as some of the staff is pocketing money on the side by hooking people up with “prime-time” reservations.

Having an 8 to 10 pm reservation is the ultimate level of clout because you can be seen among the elite at Carbone.

That’s not the only issue, as one of the restaurant’s owners and Chef Mario Carbone, isn’t the best on camera. Mario has been doing slightly more promotion for the Italian sauce, which is available now in supermarkets everywhere. Still, he is very uncomfortable in front of the camera, making it an awkward experience for the television hosts interviewing him and the audience at home.

FACTZ is told that his girlfriend, Cait, is a publicist who also represents people such as Madonna, Lea Michele, D’Amelios, and more, so she is a powerhouse at getting him media appearances. Still, television producers are skeptical about using him more than other celebrity chefs when it comes to selling himself and the sauce.

Pro tip: For the readers who want to go to Carbone, go to Parm which is also from Mario Carbone, where you can still have the spicy rigatoni but for less money and less trouble.


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