Report Reveals People Just Don’t Give a Damn About Instagram Reels

Instagram’s parent company Meta is full of dubious ideas.

Not only do they keep reshuffling the deck for Facebook, but they keep introducing features for Instagram that nobody really wants – case in point, Reels.

A new Meta internal research document was uncovered by the Wall Street Journal, and it shows what most of us already know – very few Instagram reels get any face time at all.

The documents, released in August, were titled “Creators x Reels State of the Union 2022.”

It shows that Instagram users are spending fewer than 17.6 million hours a day interacting with Reels.

Reels were created to compete with the wildly popular short-form videos coming from TikTok. So how does it compare? It really, really doesn’t.

TikTok users, after all, spend around 197.8 million hours a day watching videos on the platform. And what’s worse for Instagram, many of the Reels on their platform were made on other apps. Including most frequently (come on, you know where I’m going with this) TikTok.

So just like everything Instagram tries to do that nobody asked for, it’s a big flop.

Gizmodo reached out to Meta about the numbers and received this response: “This story uses outdated and, in some cases, incorrect data to paint a false picture of our progress on Reels. We still have work to do, but creators and businesses are seeing promising results and our monetization growth is faster than we expected as more people are watching, creating and connecting through Reels than ever before.”

After asking for clarification, they were simply told once again that the information is outdated.

Most likely, this was just another money void that Meta threw cash into and will have to walk back soon. That seems to be the most popular Instagram feature these days.


  • Good job Instagram. You have taken your once favorites platform to most to one that people are starting to dread posting on. Not are they pushing reels but they have destroyed their algorithm so much that getting people to see creators content is getting harder and harder. I think the best solution would be to hire Tom from My Space and go back to the old algorithm.

  • IG is screwed. It used to be great. My feed was my feed but now I got more suggested posts and adverts than who I actually follow.

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