Rapper and Terror Squad Leader Fat Joe Blasts Twitter

FACTZ caught up with Fat Joe to get his opinion on the Twitter fiasco. Specifically, what are his thoughts on Elon Musk charging $8 monthly for Twitter verification?

Fat Joe tells FACTZ, “Twitter sucks! Twitter sucks, to begin with. We do because we have to. There is so much hate, so much hate on Twitter, so much negativity. I’m sure there is a fee for everything, but Twitter sucks anyway.”

His thoughts on the new regime, “Twitter is the home of hate, so now it’s going to be even more hate. I’m not into Twitter like that.”

Make sure everyone pre-orders the Book of Jose, dropping on November 15. From what Fat Joe tells us, it’s a true underdog story of a man fighting adversity. He leaves us with a great statement about keeping the drive alive, “We fight like we don’t got a dollar!”


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