Parler has Leaked Emails for Prominent Conservative VIPS Including Ivanka Trump and More

On Monday, Parler users were in for a big surprise when the platform announced that it was being purchased by rapper and fashion guru Kanye West.

But then, some of the platform’s most prominent conservative VIPs were given a second surprise – their private emails were leaked during the announcement.

The doxxing happened Monday evening as Parler executives issued an announcement that was only supposed to go to verified users such as Ivanka Trump, Elise Stefanik, Andy Ngo, Candace Owens and 200 other VIP users.

In the email, Parler wrote, “We appreciate all your support and partnership in fighting for free speech, and we look forward to your involvement in this monumental new chapter.”

But the users were CC’d instead of BCC’d, revealing their emails to everyone who received it. This means that every email that is forwarded will also disclose names and emails.

One Twitter user who received the email posted, “The email chain was incredible. Just a bunch of nobody verified accounts pushing their own product. Racial slurs. Upset individuals getting doxxed. One guy was pushing racist websites he ran. Incredible group of folks here.”



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