One OnlyFans Model’s Murder Charge Begs the Question Whether OF is Compatible with a Healthy Relationship or Not

OnlyFans is one of those concepts that you either love or hate. Either you think sex work is legitimate or you think it’s a bunch of bullshit exploiting women who pretend they’re empowered. There’s not a whole lot of middle ground.

One OnlyFan model has been charged with murder and it’s raising some eyebrows about whether this kind of work is compatible with a healthy relationship or not. Can you really bare all on OnlyFans and then come home to your one and only without there being repercussions?

26-year-old Courtney Clenney was charged with second-degree murder with a deadly weapon after the April 3 stabbing of her boyfriend, Christian Obumseli. The Miami-Dade murder came about after a tumultuous relationship that almost led to the pair being evicted. Miami-Dade state attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle described the relationship with news outlets as, “extremely tempestuous and combative.” The building management in their apartment had documented a few knock-down drag-out fights, screaming matches and was “ready to evict” before Christian was killed.

In the weeks before his death, the couple had broken up and Courtney kicked him out, but they obviously made up since he was living with her again at the time of his brutal murder. On April 3, neighbors began calling security about loud arguments in the apartment and just before 5PM, security called the police. Courtney called her mother twice before she called 911 on her own. Rundle told news outlets, “On that 911 call Christian can be heard in the background. We repeatedly say that he was saying … he was losing feeling and his arm” she also added, “Defendant Clenney is also heard saying, ‘I’m so sorry.””

Does OnlyFans attract crazy chicks, or do they become crazy after being subjected to the kind of objectification and harassment they experience on the platform – because clearly, Courtney was a little batshit. OnlyFans has to do a better job of screening creators and making sure they’re not being exploited – sure. But a little mental health screening wouldn’t be a bad idea either, OM (OnlyMurders).