OnlyFans CEO Calls the Site ‘Safest and Most Inclusive Social-Media Platform’

BBC Newsnight recently reported that child-abuse images found on other websites came originally from OnlyFans. According to the BBC, the images were created in the past six months and still had OF watermarks.

OnlyFans said the BBC prevented it from investigating because they wouldn’t hand over evidence.

Now, the CEO is making bold claims about the site’s safety.

Amrapali Gan, CEO of OnlyFans, told the BBC, “We actively work with law enforcement. If anyone makes the mistake of thinking they can upload illegal content, we will report them. We’re truly the safest and most inclusive social media platform.”

OF told Business Insider, “When the BBC raised this anonymous claim, we asked them for evidence to enable us to investigate, determine if it was true, and t take appropriate action to protect people online. The BBC refused to provide any details or evidence preventing OnlyFans from investigating this claim.”

OnlyFans uses a combination of human and AI moderating to ensure content on its site follows the terms of service.

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