Netflix Removes ‘LGBTQ’ Tag from ‘Dahmer’

The new Netflix series titled “Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story” follows the horrifying story of the notorious serial killer and his victims.

The series, starring Evan Peters as Dahmer and created by Ryan Murphy, has been an insta-hit among murderinos.

But when it launched on September 21, it included the LGBTQ tag for at least two days, but they were slammed by an instant backlash.

While Dahmer was technically a gay man, the tag is usually used to highlight LGBTQ-positive stories like “Heartstoppers” and “Sex Education,” so the backlash was understandably swift.

By September 23, the tag was removed – which is the least Netflix could do.

It’s a good reminder that just because a gay person exists, it doesn’t make their story a “gay story.”

Since it first premiered on the 21st, the series has racked up over 196 million hours viewed. But critics have been harsh, with television critic Caroline Framke calling it “predictable.”

Which to be fair, it’s about a story many people know well, so – ‘predictable’ is probably predictably so.

Netflix so far has remained mum on their choice to first include, and then removed, the tag – but better a dumb mistake fixed than one they doubled down on.


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