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Nate Diaz Bitch Slaps one of Dillon Danis' Boys Outside of UFC 281 - Factz



Nate Diaz Bitch Slaps one of Dillon Danis’ Boys Outside of UFC 281

UPDATE: Dillon Danis tells FACTZ, “I smacked him [Nate Diaz] up. Fuck the Diaz brothers.”

The original story is below [November 12, 2022, at 10 PM PST]

NYC fighter Dillion Danis was confronted by Nate Diaz outside of the Garden, and it didn’t go well. Diaz, who refused to make eye contact with Danis, decided to go after the most miniature guy in Danis’ crew- slapping him like a girl.

Danis, who pretended to back away, later charged Diaz, who was signaling gunshots with his hands (like some street gangster).

Danis did get the last laugh saying he put an unconfirmed beat down on Diaz. Nate Diaz is on Jake Paul’s hit list as he is too afraid to fight Dillon Danis for some reason.

Regardless this would be a great fight if someone wanted to make money.

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4 months ago

Danis has fought twice in ten years. He’s not a real fighter.

4 months ago

Danis is a joke. don’t believe a word he says. A security guard at the jersey shore made him to out.. if he actually did something to Diaz it would be posted all over every mma site.