Meta Cannot Find the Double Agent in their Instagram Music Division

Meta knows they have a blue check verification problem costing them millions, if not billions, in credibility. The interesting part is that they know Dillon Shamoun is the connection to their under-the-table cash employee.

Today FACTZ got intel that Shamoun allegedly could get Tara Electric re-verified using a music portal. Yes, Electric is a part-time DJ, according to IG. We reached out to Electric for comment and, of course, got blocked. We get it; nobody wants to admit they paid twice, but as a business professional, can’t you be honest?! All we want is the #FACTZ.

So here is my question … is $25,000 (the going rate to re-badge) worth paying? It’s just a dot.


  • Yeah who the hell is that person and why would they even be verified. Meta NEEDS to fix this

  • Tara. What are you doing ? Real hard work pays off and people then know who you are. Have you heard of ethics morals integrity ? Why don’t you get a blue check mark in life and EARN IT !!!!
    Just a wise person that’s earned the hard way the old fashioned way. Prove yourself you can’t buy success !

  • Why don’t you speak to shamoun if you guys are so confident he’s the one doing it because this just sounds silly at this point you guys are speaking to scammers and extortionists to pin this on some random individual that would give you guys a statement if you spoke to him

    can’t forget when Adam Quinn and OBN got called out as scammers and extortionists and still do it openly, haven’t heard from shamoun nor does he “scam” guy has a kid now you guys seem thirsty for attention in a dead blog site, smelling like Perez hiltons taint. Keep in mind if you search Adams company, I was the CoFounder. I know the game.

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