Media Pub Jason Binn is Feeling Famous and Feeling on Kids

Dujour Media publisher Jason Binn is known for his proximity to the stars. If you have ever seen his social media, he is the fanboy of all fanboys. He’s been pictured with everyone from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian to Chrissy Teigan and more.

But Binn was busted earlier this year for having his hands in the wrong place: all over the buttocks of a female relative. Oh yeah, that relative happens to be a KID.

FACTZ had the pleasure of reaching out to Binn multiple times, and he danced around the issue. He finally said the following:

“Probably best given your emails to me and that you feel I am not being overly responsive to your needs/requests when to be honest, for whatever reason, the only communications I have received are in this thread, and I can’t seem to find anything in my spam,” Binn continues, “given the heightened press/coverage by both parties and the coverage primarily in the extensive coverage including The DailyMail, DailyBeast and NY Post, council has insisted on forwarding all media questions to them to manage as I am sure you have seen their comments.”

Ever since, Binn has been on an S.E.O. (search engine optimization) rampage to bump down any articles that give him the Epstein vibe. He has even gone as far as using Katie Holmes as leverage, a very Tom Cruise move. If you notice in the image below, Binn is adding a publisher attribution above the fold as well as adding his name as the founder of DuJour magazine. To some, this might seem narcissistic, but to anyone in the media world, this is strategic to bump down the negative press in all search engines. Good job, Katie!

Back to the minor ass grabbing- a spokesperson for Binn said that it’s just sour grapes. After all, he’s elbows deep in a really messy divorce, and what better way to sink your ex than to accuse them of being an absolute creep?

But there’s got to be more to it than that. Binn is also a known associate of none other than Donald Trump – Binn’s ties to Trump are even closer than friends – they once shared allegations of assault. An ex-girlfriend of Binn once accused him of letting Trump harass her at a party and turning a blind eye to the treatment. Binn says that he never saw it.

Regardless, FACTZ has decided to reach out to every celebrity and politician in bed with Binn to get their thoughts on the issue. We don’t dance with wolves.

Story developing …


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