Matt Rife’s Team Unhappy With The Rising Comedian Still Using Mila Kunis as a Director for His New Special

Comedian Matt Rife is left in a difficult situation with the results of the Danny Masterson case. The 28-year-old comedian superstar is set to film his Netflix stand-up comedy special next weekend in Washington D.C., and it will be directed by Mila Kunis, who is under a lot of fire for writing a letter to the courtroom defending Danny Masterson’s character while he was going through trial for rape.

Rife’s team is unhappy that Rife continues using her as the director with all the negative feedback regarding her letter. Kunis has also been pressuring Rife to direct his special for months and even appeared in his trailer to announce the special. Rife is still planning to go ahead and let her direct as of now, leaving people in his ‘inner circle’ not thrilled with the decision.

In May, Masterson was convicted of raping two women. Still, Kunis and her husband, Ashton Kutcher, who both worked with Masterson, wrote a letter to the judge on behalf of Masterson’s character, saying he was an older brother figure who had positively influenced their lives. Kutcher and Kunis recorded a video on their social media supporting the victims and discussing why they did it. Still, critics are not buying it, saying it was a lackluster apology. Hopefully, Rife’s rising career will not be hurt by allowing Kunis’s involvement in his stand-up comedy special.