Marijuana is Coming to a Circle K Near You

Convenience store chain Circle K has just signed a deal with marijuana company Green Thumb.

Green Thumb is one of the largest producers of cannabis in the country, and now customers will be able to buy their products at licensed Florida filling stations.

Before this, marijuana could only be purchased at stand-alone US dispensaries and pharmacies in some countries, such as Uruguay, Germany, and others.

Both companies hope that selling marijuana alongside more common staples, such as drinks, snacks, and cigarettes, will help push it into the mainstream and normalize it.

In an interview, Green Thumb’s CEO Ben Kovler said that the deal will “continue to normalize” marijuana products, adding, “this is a futuristic deal.”

Purchases will be limited in Florida only to those with valid medical marijuana cards, which includes around 700,000 residents.

The deal is a hopeful sign for other industry leaders now considering the possibilities.

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  • I wish other countries would deal with this issue as well. Of course, I do not consume alcohol or marijuana

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