Many Children Among 37 Murdered by Ex-Policeman in Attack on Nursery

A former policeman has killed at least 37 people in northeast Thailand today after attacking a childcare center.

The attacker, 34-year-old Panya Kamrab, was fired from the police force in June for drug use.

His children used to attend the childcare center, and today he turned it into a nightmare by attacking victims with a knife and guns.

At least 22 children have died from the brutal attack, with victims as young as two slaughtered while they slept.

A local official named Jidapa Boonsom, working nearby when the attack unfolded, explained, “The shooter came in around lunchtime and shot four or five officials at the childcare center first. At first, people thought it was fireworks.”

He then forced his way into a locked room where the children slept.

Police engaged in a manhunt and chased him to his home, where he killed his wife and son before killing himself.

No motive is known at this time.

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