Las Vegas Lawyer Commercial Looks Like Teaser for Feature Film

A Las Vegas Law Firm, Dimopoulos Injury Law, recently put out a commercial advertising its brand.

FACTZ sees the same type of lawyer ads. One or two middle-aged, slightly portly, bolding fellas with askew mismatched ties talking about how they “beat the insurance companies” and how low their fees are. Not so with Dimopoulos.

The entire commercial looks and feels like a movie preview. The attorneys say nothing. They all look like models or Hollywood actors. This was obviously filmed in a proper Hollywood set with a real film crew and proper lighting.

This is the first time a lawyer ad features real, genuine celebrities – and more than one! If you watch closely, you will spot Eric Roberts as the Judge and Scott Disick as one of the jurors. But there are other cameos too. That the stunner in the red dress standing outside of the courtroom is none other than a famous San Diego Weather Girl and a realtor, Diane Tuazon.

FACTZ approves this new direction of NETFLIX lawyer advertising.


  • Are we sure those are even lawyers? They all look like models/actors. Better looking than half of the actors on Suits.

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