Kroy Biermann Files Court Papers Citing Financial Struggles Amid Divorce Proceedings

In recently filed court documents dated September 18, Kroy Biermann has candidly disclosed that he and his estranged reality TV star wife, Kim Zolciak, find themselves in financial hardship. Biermann attributes their dire financial situation to Zolciak’s “reckless spending habits and love for online gambling.” The former NFL star has now requested the immediate sale of their Georgia marital mansion as their money troubles continue to mount amid their ongoing divorce proceedings within the Fulton County Court.

Biermann and Zolciak, parents to four young children and known for their involvement in the Real Housewives of Atlanta, have been experiencing turbulent times in their Alpharetta home. Biermann alleges that police have been called to mediate “ridiculous arguments” on two occasions, including an incident where he refused Zolciak access to the master bathroom while he was showering. Due to their financial struggles and increasing debts, they still reside together in a house burdened with a $1.1 million tax lien. Despite this financial challenge, the property holds equity, and Biermann believes that promptly listing it on the market is essential for him to move forward.

The court documents also paint Zolciak as “self-absorbed” and assert that she “insists on airing their marital problems, in a very loud voice, in front of the minor children.” Biermann contends that this toxic environment within their marital home has been severely detrimental to their children’s mental and emotional well-being.